4/5 oktober 2018

(EMHeF) Congress on Electrical Management of/in Heart Failure

For more information: Website EMHef

Over the past decades there is an increasing role for cardiac devices and electrophysiological therapy for the management of heart failure which has led to the arisal of this course.
This course will provide the latest insights into the role of arrhythmias in the contribution and consequence of heart failure, and the role of the various cardiac devices and electrophysiological
strategies for the treatment of heart failure. This congress will show that multidisciplinary management of heart failure pays off since the various hybrid platforms not only provide a
means to effectively treat patients with heart failure, but also create sample opportunity to learn as a team, improve and discover. The Congress on Electrical Management of Heart Failure
in Maastricht will give the floor to many internationally renowned speakers, willing to share their expertise and views during live-in-a-box sessions, interactive presentations and breakout
sessions.There is also the possibility to submit abstracts for poster presentation.