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A university medical centre connects research and education with medical care, spurring the development of new treatments, from laboratory to clinic. Maastricht UMC+ is therefore the ideal environment for innovation. The basic knowledge that we gain takes us a step further. We try to understand every aspect of the human body and the origins of diseases and, based on that knowledge, promote the health of every individual and improve quality of life –not only that of our patients, but also and especially of those in robust good health. That's what the "+" in our name stands for.

"We create value through knowledge"

The fact that we collaborate with other research institutes, government and industry means that we make our knowledge accessible and practicable. We create value through knowledge. We do that by improving the results of treatment, by streamlining care processes, or by creating more jobs. Society as a whole benefits from our newly acquired knowledge and its application. Of course, we don't keep that valuable knowledge to ourselves. We share it with other medical professionals up and down the country and beyond, making all of us better and smarter.


More knowledge, better life

The innovation circle shows how our researchers and specialists acquire new knowledge and put it into practice, create value and promote healthy living. That is true across the board, whether the subject is cardiac arrhythmia, arthritis or the use of deep brain stimulation to treat Parkinson's, and whether the focus is on prevention and basic research or on innovation and valorisation. The innovation circle is the basis upon which we promote health in the broadest sense of the word and it is precisely what makes us Maastricht UMC+.

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