Facts and figures paint an accurate picture of an organization. They provide information on the employees, their work, finances, but also on the developments taking place.

Maastricht UMC+ has*:

  • 715 beds, including 60 intensive-care beds, 10 of which are in the pediatric IC unit and 23 in the neonatology IC unit
  • 27 operating rooms
  • 21,942 admissions
  • Average stay of 7.2 days
  • 156,960 nursing days
  • 19,018 day treatments
  • 305,971 outpatient consultations
  • 112.665 remote consultations
  • 26,919 A&E (Accident & Emergency) consultations
  • 6,358 employees university hospital Maastricht  (= 4,718 FTEs)
  • 1,921 employees Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences (= 1,599 FTEs)**
  • 5,319 students enrolled in all**
  • 2,061 new students (1,035 Bachelor’s and 1,004 Master’s)**
  • 249 dissertations**
  • 120 on-campus companies 

*Ultimo 2020
**Ultimo 2018

Maastricht University Medical Center+ is registered as a public benefit organization [Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling - ANBI]. To this end, a number of data must be publicly available. Below you can find our ANBI details.

  • Maastricht University Medical Center+ (Maastricht UMC +)
  • RSIN / Tax number: 0072.70.537
  • Contact information
  • Executive Board / Board of Trustees
  • Representative councils
  • The remuneration policy can be found in the collective agreement for UMC's 
  • A financial statement can be found in our annual document on the website of the Government of the Netherlands [Jaarverantwoording in de zorg]. Please type 'academisch ziekenhuis Maastricht' and the year (information is only available in Dutch).

More about Maastricht UMC+

More information on Maastricht UMC+ can also be found at: 

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