Clinical care

Clinical and specialized care

Besides the normal care we provide specialized care. Specialized care is highly specialized care for patients with: rare diseases, difficult to establish conditions or difficult to treat. Specialized care is expensive. Therefore, the government gives the University Medical Centers (UMC) extra money. Thus UMC can ensure that patients with special or complicated disorders always get the right care somewhere in the Netherlands. Now, but also in the future. To show what we and other UMC with that extra money do the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) has developed a website On this website (the TRF-portal) provides information about the specialized care that our UMC offers.


Currently azM appointed four areas as priorities:

  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • chronic disease,
  • oncology and
  • mental health.

These are conditions that patients bring a large burden of disease for which the patient is organized in care centers.