Connects knowledge-axis Limburg

Maastricht UMC +, Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd want to play a leading role in the sustainable economic development of Limburg. Result of this ambition is the Knowledge As Limburg. An ambitious strategic program that within ten years the existing and new campuses in Maastricht, Geleen, Venlo and Parkstad must commit to an international knowledge in the field of biomaterials and include innovative healthcare. The campuses serve as the flywheels that attract knowledge workers, keeping the population and vital growth engine of the local economy with fuel.


Knowledge, expertise and capital


Knowledge-axis connects knowledge, expertise and capital to ideas and plans into dozens of concrete projects. The three knowledge partners jointly invest an amount of 165 million euros in the Knowledge-Axis. The Province of Limburg basically carries 180 million euros, provided that review takes place in the Provincial Council. Investments in the Knowledge-axis again generate other resources. The funding, additional fees and business investments are estimated at a minimum of 240 million so that the local economy will receive a total injection of 0.6 billion euros.

Knowledge economy of international stature


The Knowledge As Limburg seamlessly with the national top sector policy and program development Brainport 2020, intended to Southeast Netherlands in order to create a knowledge of international stature. The Limburg campuses in Brainport play a crucial role. Essentially, in this context, cooperation on and around the campuses between governments, research institutions and industry, also called the triple helix. The program will result in new jobs, broader education, international networks and facilitating access to academic knowledge for SMEs. In the longer term, the knowledge-axis contributes to an improvement of the economic structure, an attractive business climate and a vibrant population.

Getting the word ...

"European knowledge area" 
"A knowledge is important for Limburg. Knowledge generates economic benefits and employment. That's why we invest in knowledge-Axis. We want this region drop a European knowledge area that attracts people who radiates that Limburg is the place to be. For UM Knowledge-axis means we can sharpen us. Further international profile We are working together with partners on both sides of the borders new training and research. These create a cosmopolitan and attractive region. " 
Paul Martin, President of Maastricht University

"Exciting and enriching" 
"For the Province of Knowledge As Limburg means working together to strengthen the economy of Limburg. Together from partnership in which we roll let go. This close collaboration is new, sometimes rubs it, but mostly it's exciting and enriching. We know and understand each other. This lays a foundation for a sustainable and close. It also means focusing choose things that we do, and we do not. " 
Theo Bovens, Governor Province of Limburg

"Cover for knowledge-intensive region" 
"Investing in knowledge and education, and linking these to businesses and governments are required to Limburg to a knowledge-intensive region to make. Cover The Knowledge As Limburg makes the triple helix cooperation complete. The continuous development of knowledge and education is essential to create as we work together on the future of Limburg. Innovative ecosystem Knowledge institutions are naturally more accustomed to cross-border cooperation. The Knowledge As Limburg Limburg also have knowledge of such institutions in Aachen, Leuven, Eindhoven and Eindhoven are hooked on campuses and other developments in Limburg outside. In addition, the Knowledge As Limburg enhance cooperation between colleges and universities. " 
Twan Beurskens, Deputy Economy and Land Province of Limburg

"Golden opportunities" 
"Good staff are the lifeblood of any business. In the coming years there is a good income earning in the art. After all, there is a lot of demand. Along with education and business, we work hard to play here, including the two pacts technique. On The development of the Knowledge As Limburg offers golden opportunities as all partners consistently invest here in the next ten years. " 
Bert Kersten, Deputy Labour and Education, Sustainability and Energy Province of Limburg