Kennis-as Limburg verbindt

Approach and Approach

There are various levels of structural cooperation for the different activities within the Knowledge As Limburg.

Triple helix


In the triple helix concept research institutions, industry and government have joined forces to develop the region further. The Health Campus and the Chemelot Campus are based on this principle. In the future, the concept is further rolled out with successful examples like   Eindhoven (High Tech Campus), Warwick (University of Warwick Science Park), Berlin (Science and Technology Park Berlin-Adlershof) and Leuven (Leuven Science Parks and Business Centres) serve as inspiration.

Multi-and interdisciplinary approach

Scientific breakthroughs usually take place at the boundaries of disciplines. Technological, economic and social innovations require input from multiple disciplines. Therefore, choosing the Limburg knowledge institutions with new initiatives in the field of research and education are increasingly a multi-and interdisciplinary approach. MUMC + instance has its top care and thus organized coherent multidisciplinary research.

Learning & Performance

Studying is a worthwhile investment for students and society. Who wants to continue doing it as a professional and want to continue to provide the best possible value added to his knowledge and skills continue to develop throughout life constantly. Therefore, the focus is on the principle of Learning and Performance.

(Eu) regional and national cooperation

Cross-border cooperation is becoming increasingly important. From the campuses, there are many partnerships with universities and industry in the Euroregion (like Hasselt, RWTH, Aachen Klinikum Universitäts, FZ Jülich and Fraunhofer) occur. This euregional feature is distinctive for the Limburg campuses. In the Netherlands, the scientific bridge beaten to sister institutions of searching for optimal use of the possibilities of complementarity.


The international character of UM appears from these collaborations and numerous other facts & figures: international staff, student exchanges, joint and double degrees and numerous international research programs. UM also the "Distinctive Quality Feature Internationalisation on Institutional Level" NVAO obtained. International cooperation and attract international staff, students and knowledge fits well with the international profile of the Limburg campuses.


Getting the word ...


"Complement each other"
"Connecting the hotspots in Limburg, including in the area of knowledge is important to Limburg, as the center of the Euroregion, take them into account. The Knowledge As Limburg creates a logical connection between the expertise of the universities. In this way, the expertise HAS University in the field of agro / food to link the expertise of other knowledge partners. The triple helix thought can only really come to develop as knowledge institutions complement each other. Joining is necessary. "
Frans van Leyden, Director HAS Hogeschool Limburg

"Together accomplish much"
"As an entrepreneur, I work a lot together including Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd. For an innovative company like Arion very important. I come more and more to how much knowledge is available in this region, also on the other side of the borders. It is absolutely important to connect with I ask special attention to SMEs. Everything together Let them get acquainted with research, invite them to this site and other campuses. Together we can achieve a lot. "
Erik Joosten, CEO Arion

"Exceptional collaboration"
"Medtronic has a lot of advantages of this knowledge-axis and then makes use partly because we research center (Bakken Research Center) have us in Maastricht. During a visit by our CEO, in January, he called exceptional cooperation with business and politics in Maastricht. He said that both parties share the same goal which is to promote the region to get the best people to get there and do it. "Highly qualified research
Jo Merkun, vice president of Medtronic