Kennis-as Limburg verbindt

The five flywheels

Knowledge-axis runs on five 'flywheels': the Maastricht Health Campus, the Downtown Campus Maastricht, the Chemelot Campus in Geleen, Campus Venlo, and the Smart Services Hub in Parkstad.   

Getting the word ...

"A renewed manufacturing industry"
"The program Knowledge As Limburg is crucial for the development of the region and connects the Chemelot Campus with the Maastricht Health Campus and Greenport Venlo. It positions the region as an attractive environment for talented knowledge workers. In the Knowledge-axis is placed the substantive basis for the economic development of the region, for example in the form of new research in the field of biomedical materials, processes and bio-based materials and advanced materials Chemelot Campus (AMIBM, Chemelot InSciTe, CHILL , Chemelot Materials Center). In that context Chemelot Campus grows fast to 2,900 knowledge workers and 1,000 students in 2023 (now 1350 and 250). Simultaneously over a hundred companies must be active on campus. As our knowledge plays the trump cards to strengthen. Appeal of the Chemelot Campus The challenge is to realize its stronger knowledge base. "Strengthened and renewed manufacturing industry in the region
Bert Kip, CEOI Chemelot Campus

"Extra distinctive"
"The Maastricht Health Campus is a unique campus. Due to its location in the heart of the Euroregion, the cooperation between universities and business and special facilities. Additional distinctive connection with the chemical and agro-axis along the knowledge which an ecosystem where knowledge, expertise, facilities and investments come together. "
Jan Kees Dunning, director Maastricht Health Campus

"As big a network as possible"
"As a supplier of qill equipment for cold and heat therapy, we obviously benefit from the widest possible network. Developments in the Limburg campuses are in it of the utmost importance. The Maastricht Health Campus we come in contact with doctors and researchers, we are happy to take part in various seminars at the University of Maastricht and further contacts with universities and student interest to us. It's good to connect knowledge and unlock for entrepreneurs. That should in our opinion be the purpose of the Knowledge As Limburg. "
Karin van Gorp, Van Gorp Medical Venlo