Kennis-as Limburg verbindt

The power of knowledge institutions

Maastricht UMC +

Maastricht UMC + is distinguished (inter) nationally by focusing on prevention. So not only rehabilitation but also health maintenance and health promotion. Key tasks - in addition to clinical and highly specialized patient - scientific research and education / training. Maastricht UMC + characterizes itself by the multidisciplinary and problem-based approach. Maastricht UMC + has 715 beds, 7,000 employees and 4,000 students. Maastricht UMC + is a member of the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers.

Maastricht University

Maastricht University has a strong international focus. 47 percent of the approximately 16,000 students from over 130 countries. UM is known worldwide for its PBL. Profiling Themes Learning & Innovation, Quality of Life and Europe and a Globalizing World. UM in 2014 proclaimed QS to the 'best young university in Europe. " The university has nearly 48,000 alumni with alumni groups in 12 countries, including China and the United States. 72% of all alumni living in the Netherlands, 46% of them live in Limburg, 24% of all foreign graduates living and working in the Netherlands. At UM, nearly 4,000 people, of whom nearly a quarter of foreign nationality. Works

Zuyd University

Zuyd University is a top college education institution with a strong focus on the link between education, research and lifelong learning. Zuyd successfully working together with governments and industry in the region. Spearheads of Zuyd its Innovative Care and Technology, Transition to a sustainable built environment and Life Sciences and Materials. Zuyd has approximately 1,800 employees and 14,500 students. Approximately 2,000 students come from 55 different countries. In the Guide to HBO time 2012 is Zuyd University as an institution in the top three. Read more about Zuyd University.

Getting the word ...

"New opportunities"
"The Maastricht Health Campus is already a breeding ground and a breeding ground for innovations in the Dutch health care. Maastricht UMC + plays an important role in substantive connection between the campuses. Thus, the development of biomedical materials at the Chemelot Campus hand in hand with the study of its application in a clinical setting at the Maastricht Health Campus. Regarding the Greenport Campus in Venlo is the binding element of our knowledge of nutrition and health, for example through the EatWell project. Our knowledge and expertise regarding the holistic approach to health and illness we bring in, but we can also accelerated development through cooperation with our partners in the knowledge-axis and apply. That generates new opportunities for making healthy and loving people, new health care and health concepts and new business. "
Guy Peeters, CEO Maastricht UMC +

"Knowledge to Practice"
"The Knowledge-As to province and region to develop a clear and powerful profile and thus increase their attractiveness to businesses, professionals and knowledge institutes. That is for the economic and social development of this area of vital importance. Knowledge-As Limbuirg offers us the opportunity with government, industry and other educational institutions working on development, translation and transfer of knowledge to practice joint axes. Together in and outside the region At Zuyd that is shaped in different centers of expertise. Zuyd as making a substantial contribution to the development of sought-after professionals, keeping valuable professionals throughout their careers and meet the knowledge needs of businesses and organizations. The compound of the campuses is of great importance. Groundbreaking innovation and renewal occur especially at the interface between disciplines. The connection of the areas in which we excel the most beautiful things can occur. We are already seeing in such areas as health care and technology, sustainable construction and new materials, and care and business information. But also from the economic / financial angle, the hospitality and the arts are inspiring connections to explain the campuses. "
Karel van Rosmalen, chairman of the board Zuyd University