Kennis-as Limburg verbindt


Educational Agenda Limburg

Good education is obviously crucial for the development of welfare. The Educational Agenda Limburg is a program of Zuyd, Maastricht University, Fontys and a large number of school boards in primary, secondary and vocational education in order to put down. Strongest possible education Goals of the project: reducing mismatches in study and career choices, raising the quality of teacher training, increasing the influx of motivated students, narrowing the gap between educational science and practice, increasing the effectiveness of educational improvements.


The program Limburg Invests in its Knowledge (LINK) involves the creation of two centers around three top scientists; the Institute of Nanoscopy and the Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine   (MERLN). These institutes creating scientific and economic value in itself and reinforce the (interaction) the Chemelot Campus and Maastricht Health Campus. M5i by advanced mass spectrometry and electron microscopy and by MERLN regenerative medicine.

This strengthening of the regional knowledge ensures that creates an attractive environment for new and existing businesses, while it leads to attracting and retaining (young) talented researchers. The creation of these institutions contribute in the context of the Knowledge As Limburg in innovative healthcare, educating knowledge workers and developing lines of research and valorisation programs.


AMIBM (Maastricht Aachen Institute for Biobased Materials) is a joint research institute of Maastricht University and RWTH Aachen University. It is the first inter-university research institute with RWTH on Dutch soil, Chemelot to be exact. AMIBM wants boundaries within Biobased Materials by using them as a supplier of high quality raw materials for Biobased Materials. Plants or other organisms

These raw materials need not first, as hitherto customary, to be broken down into small, well-known molecules to be joined to form polymers. Then again with the aid of complicated and expensive processes Developed by AMIBM commodities hit that first step and therefore are more economical and able to entirely new characteristics. These new features are important for new products in medical, but also in industrial applications developed. AMIBM at The Knowledge-Axis AMIBM connects the three campuses.