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Chemelot Campus

Maastricht UMC +, Maastricht University Maastricht Zuyd Hogeschool Limburg sustainable economic development strategic program Knowledge As Limburg The Chemelot Campus is an initiative of Maastricht University / Maastricht UMC +, DSM and the Province of Limburg. The Ministry of Economic Affairs notes the Chemelot Campus as one of the six open innovation campuses of national importance. Open innovation is, students, researchers and entrepreneurs together a 'community' in an optimal environment for the exchange and exploitation of knowledge.

The Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen, the Euroregion base for companies and educational and research organizations in the field of new materials. Think of technologically advanced materials, for example, the automotive industry and telephony (high performance materials). But also new products from organic materials (biobased materials), renewable energy, clean technology and life sciences.

Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials

The Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM) is the research hotspot Chemelot for cultivation, extraction, processing and use of high quality raw materials from nature. From plants or bacteria quality materials are extracted with new or improved properties for medical and technical applications. These are used in the medical, technical and consumer sector and are therefore of great social value. UM and RWTH Aachen University are the initiators of AMIBM that one of the projects in the Knowledge As Limburg.


Chemelot InSciTe

The Chemelot Institute for Science and Technology is an international research and knowledge institute for biomedical and bio-based materials. Top scientists, industry and government join forces in this international knowledge hub to create innovative new chemical building blocks of biomass and to develop, test and prepare for market launch. Prepared new biomedical materials Think of materials for solar cells and biomedical applications of new blood vessels. The initiators are UM / Maastricht UMC +, Eindhoven University of Technology and DSM.


To attract science talent to the region and to maintain UM started in 2011 with the Maastricht Science Programme. This is a natural science undergraduate program, organized on the liberal science concept. Most students come from abroad and a part of the (skill) education takes place at the Chemelot Campus.

At this moment we are working on the development of master., In collaboration with industry Industry partners, including DSM and Sabic, are involved in the development of curricula and contribute actively to the education through the use of guest lecturers and the insertion of graduation projects. In education, explicit attention to entrepreneurship, with the underlying idea to encourage another use.