De vijf vliegwielen

Smart Services Hub

The Parkstad region has a high density of businesses, institutions and programs in the areas of financial, economic and administrative services. The Smart Services Hub is an expertise and innovation around smart services and business intelligence.


The challenges for the future of the Parkstad region are:

• Maintain position as a financial, administrative and informative hotspot
• Create innovative economic growth
• Attract, retain and train sufficient skilled labor.

The partners

To exploit the expertise and join forces sixteen parties save the Smart Services Hub hands: CBS, APG, Tax, PNA Group, Beta Update, Province of Limburg, Maastricht, Zuyd, Arcus College, Chamber of Commerce, Rabobank, City of Heerlen , SVOPL, Obvion, OU and the Parkstad region.


One of the plans is a center of excellence for research and education in the field of Smart Services and Business Intelligence: a physical center with the ambition to become a global hub in the field of smart services and business intelligence. Furthermore, a portfolio of new courses and training variants have been developed for young people and professionals. With projects by and for entrepreneurial students, companies and knowledge will be supported and facilitated regional targets.