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Sustainability gets in Venlo other form through the development of new production methods for vegetable oils, healthy food, and energy production and logistics. Is working on the transition to a biobased economy, sustainable production and new business models. Chemelot In Maastricht, sustainability and sustainable financial sustainability of health care, the social impact of sustainability and ethical issues surrounding sustainability. Zuyd University bears from the professorship Sustainability in the discussion on sustainability.

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"Cover for knowledge-intensive region"
"Investing in knowledge and education, and linking these to businesses and governments are required to Limburg to a knowledge-intensive region to make. Cover The Knowledge As Limburg makes the triple helix cooperation complete. The continuous development of knowledge and education is essential to create as we work together on the future of Limburg. Innovative ecosystem Knowledge institutions are naturally more accustomed to cross-border cooperation. The Knowledge As Limburg Limburg also have knowledge of such institutions in Aachen, Leuven, Eindhoven and Eindhoven are hooked on campuses and other developments in Limburg outside. In addition, the Knowledge As Limburg enhance cooperation between colleges and universities. "
Twan Beurskens, Deputy Economy and Land Province of Limburg.

"Exciting and enriching"
"For the Province of Knowledge As Limburg means working together to strengthen the economy of Limburg. Together from partnership in which we roll let go. This close collaboration is new, sometimes rubs it, but mostly it's exciting and enriching. We know each other and understand. This lays a foundation for a sustainable and close. It also means focusing choose things that we do, and we do not. "
Theo Bovens, Governor Province of Limburg.

"Golden opportunities"
"Good staff are the lifeblood of any business. In the coming years there is a good income earning in the art. After all, there is a lot of demand. Along with education and business, we work hard to play here, including the two pacts technique. On The development of the Knowledge As Limburg offers golden opportunities as all partners consistently invest here in the next ten years. "
Bert Kersten, Deputy Labour and Education, Sustainability and Energy Province of Limburg.