Roy Lalisang

Dr. Roy I. Lalisang


Short description

Staffer Internal Medicine


Roy Lalisang, has since 1995 worked as a medical oncologist, with a special focus gynecological oncology and head and neck oncology.

He studied medicine at the University of Leiden. His specialization in internal medicine with the focus of medical oncology was performed at the Academic Hospital Maastricht. The doctoral research dealt with principles of dose intensification in the chemotherapeutic treatment of patients with breast cancer and resulted in a thesis entitled "Chemotherapy dose intensification in breast cancer: Is more better?". In 1997 he was appointed consultant for the Comprehensive Cancer Centre Limburg (IKL). He is member of several national and international associations in oncology field. Together with the enthusiastic team he seeks the optimal care for women with gynecological cancer in our region.

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