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The focus of Maastricht UMC + is focused on Healthy Living, either healthy quality of life. Besides topzorg MUMC + focuses on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. With Maastricht University is academic education and research conducted. Zuyd University is the Care Academy, Academy of Obstetrics and training paramedical professions an important partner in the further development of the concept of Healthy Living. The relationship with campuses in Geleen and Venlo is clear: biobased materials are increasingly used for medical applications and healthy diet suits prevention. Preventive health is also in the forefront Colombe Vita project: This project involves the detection, prevention and effective treatment of negative health effects.


Researchers at the word

"Absolutely necessary"
"With PathoFinder we have on the Maastricht Health Campus a great place. Close to the university and the university hospital. I look a bit wider, then it is imperative to connect. Campuses in Southern Netherlands together Preferably even with the institutes across the border in Aachen, Hasselt, Liege and Leuven. Build networks, the forces and all the knowledge and expertise tying together a large campus; that's my idea. Investing in Knowledge-axis is necessary that attention should be given to SMEs. I see too few small businesses land here, there are insufficient facilities. Here at the Health Campus in Maastricht, we have been waiting for years to expand the Biopartner Center: an accelerator. In China they do it the other way around: first the building, then the entrepreneurs themselves. We need to scale thinking, our competitors are simply in Asia and America. "
Guus Simons, CEO PathoFinder.


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