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Eye on Maastricht UMC+

Eye on MaastrichtMaastricht University Medical Center+ (Maastricht UMC+) is known both nationally and internationally for its focus on prevention and taking an integrated approach to health care: from prevention, promotion of good health, and basic care, to top-level clinical diagnostics and treatment. The corporate brochure Eye on Maastricht UMC+ offers an introduction to our core tasks, ambitions and profiles. It also features our key figures. Get to know Maastricht UMC+

From House of God to Academic Hospital

From House of God to Academic HospitalTo commemorate that 25 years ago the St. Annadal hospital became University Hospital Maastricht, the history of health care in Maastricht is chronicled in the book From House of God to Academic Hospital. The book was made by an editorial team led by Prof. Harry Hillen, former dean of the Faculty of Medicine (currently the Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences) and by Prof. Jos van Engelshoven, Emeritus Professor of Radiology.

Art book

Art in azM'Kunst in het azM/Art in azM' is a book on the art collection of Maastricht UMC+ (in the hospital building). You can buy a copy at the Service Desk of the Facilities Department azM ( €45,-.

Webmagazine Maastricht University

Web magazine UMWeb magazine Maastricht University is an English-language magazine about research and education for alumni and external relations of Maastricht University. It contains news, interviews and background on education and research at UM, about alumni and alumni affairs and fundraising. There is also an archive of previous issues of the magazine and the Maastricht University Alumni news.