During your hospital stay, you will get a number of people to make that offer medical or nursing care.

AIOS / ANIOS (or physician assistant)

The AIOS (doctor in specialist training) is a graduate doctor in hospital training to become specialist. The ANIOS (doctor not in specialist training) is also a graduate doctor, but is not (yet) in specialist training. The AIOS or ANIOS is often your doctor, the doctor you see at the clinic performed your surgery or your doctor's room. They always work under the ultimate responsibility of the medical specialist.


An intern is a fifth-year medical student who is trained as a doctor. The student does during the coschap practical experience in the hospital. He / she performed at the outpatient clinic and ward often for research, such as the identification of symptoms and physical examination. The intern works under the supervision of a specialist (in training), with whom the findings are always discussed. Because they have not yet graduated, interns can not give answers to all questions. You can use your questions always contact the specialist who is ultimately responsible for the work of the intern.

Main practitioner

As long as you're with us under treatment, there is always a medical specialist responsible for your treatment. This is your primary treating physician. Do you want to speak with your primary treating physician, let us know your doctor or make an appointment with your primary treating physician.

Nurse specialist

The nurse specialist is a nurse with special training tasks independently of a physician can take over. The nurse specialist performs medical operations, inter alia discuss results with the patient, in collaboration with the specialist treatment and care plans, consult several medical specialists, provides applications for example physiotherapy and can be reached for questions and problems of patients and for internal and external care providers and agencies. The nurse specialist also plays an important role in cooperation between Maastricht UMC + and other healthcare facilities, such as nursing home care agency or institution. The actions of a nurse specialist is always under the ultimate responsibility of the treating medical specialist.

Physician assistant

In some clinics you visit a physician assistant. A physician assistant is a person who independently carries out certain tasks of the doctor can take over. Duties include conducting a medical history (interview about the complaints of the patient), performing physical examination, diagnosis and a treatment plan. The actions of a physician assistant is always under the ultimate responsibility of a specialist. For problems or questions, is there always a doctor on call.


The specialist is a doctor who has been following his basic study medicine specializing in a particular area of medicine. Examples are the cardiologist and ophthalmologist. Part of their work over to the specialist physician assistants and interns, and nurse practitioners, specialists, however, remain responsible for the tasks they delegate. Many specialists in the Maastricht UMC + not only as a doctor but also as a researcher working. Furthermore, many of them teaching medical students.


The nurse is qualified to nurse patients to care for and supervise them. Their departure from the hospital The nurse can work both on the ward and in the outpatient clinic. If a patient has any questions or comments, he can always raise the issue.


During recording, the ward doctor your doctor. This is usually a one or AIOS ANIOS (see above). With him / her, you can go with your everyday questions. If you want to contact another specialist, please make this known to the ward doctor or nurse. They will then ensure that an appointment is made. As soon as possible Of course you can also ask questions to doctors who come to bed with you.

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