What is medical research?

There are two types of research. If you have health problems, you 'research' to the hospital. A doctor examines you to find. The cause of your symptoms The aim is to make you better. This is called 'diagnostic examination. There is also 'medical research'.

The research aims to:

  •      to find better treatments for diseases
  •      To learn more about a disease
  •      to detect a disease.

Medical research is not done in the first place to make you better.

Your cooperation

In some cases, we ask the personal involvement of a patient for a scientific study. Obviously extensively discussed the nature of the investigation and any inconvenience that a patient can expect. If you participate in scientific research, rather than anonymous.

Self sign up to participate in a survey

You can also participate in scientific research its own initiative. An overview of ongoing studies for which participants are sought, can be found at Digi-prick. Digi-Pierce is an online bulletin board where researchers can post for recruiting subjects for their research. Ads You can browse through these ads and get in touch with the researcher to participate in the relevant research.

You can always decide not to participate

Of course, you decide whether you want to participate. In such an investigation You can always refuse., Without giving reasons, This has no effect on the further treatment. More general information about participation in research can be found in the brochure of the Ministry of Health 'Medical research'. You are actually asked to participate in a particular survey, you will receive from the person conducting the investigation (a doctor or scientist) all information, both orally and in writing


In university medical centers will also place health. This is medical research, which we use all collected medical data and / or decreased body material, such as blood or tissue. It is not about scientific research in which we ask an effort from you.

Under the legislation, a hospital may use your medical information for health and / or body material, to the extent that these data are useful for the study. In health, we do not have to ask, on the condition that such information by your doctor a number to your approval - encrypted - are. Thus, the researcher can not see who the data originated.

If you object to such use of your information and / or body material, please let us know by filling out a form. You can purchase tickets at Patient Education ..



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