Team Spiritual Care Service

The team of His Spiritual Care at the University Hospital Maastricht consists of six chaplains from different backgrounds and a secretary. Each chaplain has several departments such as his / her special attention. He / she is the first contact for spiritual care to patients and their families in these departments.

If you want to contact a chaplain, you can (to) call the Secretariat of the Spiritual Care Service, phone 043-387 53 38 (Internal: 75338), or report it to a nurse of your department. In crisis is always a spiritual counselor accessible - including weekends and at night.


benci banki
Drs. Bence Bánki

Mr. Bánki's spiritual counselor and as a special interest sections A1, A4, B4, D3, E3, F3, and the Emergency Department. He among others focuses on the well-being of patients and families in the ICU and patients who need to stay longer.

gerty Bemelmans
Drs. Gerty Bemelmans

Mrs. Bemelmans's chaplain with the special interest sections A2, A4, B4 and C2.

Esther Diederen
Drs. Esther Diederen

Mrs. Diederen is chaplain with the special interest sections B2, C4, C5, D2 and E2.

Hans Kling
Drs. Hans Kling

Mr. Kling is a spiritual counselor and team head of the department. His particular interest are the sections B2, D2 and E2. He focuses partly on the counseling of children who need long-term treatment, and their families.

Hans Mos
Drs. Hans Mos

Mr. Moss is chaplain with the special focus sections A3, A5, B1 and the oncology center. He among others focuses on the management of patients with cancer and their families.

French Savelkoul
Dr. French Savelkoul

Mr. Savelkoul's chaplain with a special focus sections B3, B5, C3, D4, D5, cardiac emergency and dialysis department. Among others, he focuses on the wellbeing of geriatric patients and their relatives.

Marianne Stocker-Gerritz
Mrs. Marianne Stocker

Mrs. Stocker is the secretary of the Spiritual Care Service. She is on Mondays from 8:30 to 14:00, on Tuesdays from 8:30 to 17:00 and reach on Wednesday from 8:30 to 17:00.

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