Patient safety means preventing unintended harm to the patient. The government wants hospitals in a systematic, structured and transparent manner, working to improve patient safety. Maastricht UMC + take that responsibility very seriously and is committed to ensure your safety. During your stay in hospital

Preventing avoidable damage

Not all the damage has to be a mistake. Due Consider the side effects of some medications. And not every error leads directly damage. Avoidable damage is unintentional damage to the patient that could have been prevented. , Maastricht UMC + is doing everything to prevent avoidable damages and minimize the risks. Them For each case of avoidable harm is one too many.

Patient Safety System

To prevent avoidable damage Maastricht UMC + include patient entered a system. This is a structure that is focused on continually improving patient safety. The main tasks of the patient safety system are:

  • predicting
  • detecting and
  • systematically manage the risks of damage.

This should ensure that the risk of damage is minimized - or better yet - is prevented.

For more information, visit the website of the Health Inspectorate: .

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