Outpatient clinics

Diagnostic Center

You have your GP, midwife or a doctor from another hospital received a referral for an investigation into the Maastricht UMC +. That may be pricks for blood, X-ray or other tests. This requires that you first register at the desk of the Diagnostic Center where you get the right forms. With the forms, go to the appropriate department.

Please note that we may ask you for proof of identity.


  • Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 17.30
  • telephone, from 08.00: 043-387 53 85


The route to the desk of the Diagnostic Center, visit our interactive map

Body Material

You can body material, such as urine or feces, supplying the desk of the Diagnostic Center. We ask you to have both on the potty as on the application form your name and birth date.

More information on collecting urine refer to the brochure Urine save .