Wireless Internet

At the wards, all patients can use the Maastricht UMC + guests WiFi which grants you access to the Internet or e-mail. The use of the guest WiFi is free of charge. However, you need to bring your own laptop, tablet PC or smartphone.

To access the guest WiFi you need a username and a password. You can find these in the following folder (in Dutch)
azM guests WiFi (username and password)


There are some rules about using WiFi

  1. Never just pull a power plug to use it for your own laptop.
  2. Put your laptop on the bedside table or, even better, on the table in your room. For your safety, it is important that there is sufficient air circulation around the laptop. Therefore we advise you to not put your laptop on your lap or on your bed.
  3. Respect your environment. Use as little noise as possible (or use headphones).
  4. It is not allowed to visit web sites with discriminatory, inflammatory or offensive content.
  5. Use of your laptop, tablet PC or smartphone is at your own risk. The hospital is not liable for damage or theft.
  6. At the intensive care units (ICU's) there is no guest WiFi available, because of the sensitive equipment being used there.

In the Patient Information Centre in the main hall at the 1st floor there are three computers which you can use during business hours.