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Every year, more than 1.5 million Dutch travel to a distant destination. Not only to (sub) tropical countries in Asia, Africa and Central and South America, but also more nearby like Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Croatia, Romania. Infectious diseases that you be running into in holiday countries pose a health threat. Advice and vaccinations prior to departure are therefore needed.

During the consultation on the Ease travel clinic the vaccination schedule is made ​​in consultation with you. We will give you advice on the vaccinations that are required for your destination. Attention is also paid to the things you can do to prevent disease. You can think of hygiene advice and tips to prevent dehydration, insect bites, and diarrhea.

Which vaccinations you need depends among other things on:

  • the country you are visiting
  • duration of your stay
  • the itinerary and conditions
  • your health status and medication
  • your age
  • any vaccinations in the past.

In some cases, children get another vaccination advice and example, a BCG vaccination (tuberculosis) or early MMR vaccination is recommended. If you want to know if there are certain vaccinations recommended for your destination or are required, go to the website of the National Coordination Reizigersadvisering . This site offers a comprehensive list and a list with the most recent vaccination gezondhiedsinformatie.

Detailed information on healthy travel and vaccinations, visit the clinic Ease travel website ..

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