The surgery department is a large department with many disciplines. Besides the anesthesiologists and the operators are present in the operating room anesthesia staff and surgical assistants.

Anesthesia Employees

The anesthesia assistant assists the anesthetist in the treatment of the patient before, during and after surgery. Anesthesia assistant also provides the anesthetic equipment. The ultimate responsibility of the anesthetic technique (general anesthesia or local anesthesia) during surgery lies with the anesthesiologist. However, the anesthesia staff now has a great responsibility. For example when it comes to guarding the body needs an anesthesia assistant attentive and accurate work and react immediately if there are complications.

Surgery Assistants

The operation assistant assists the surgeon and is responsible for the performance of assistive, executing and circulation work involved in the operation. The operation assistant ensures that the operating room with all equipment and instrumentation after each operation is made ready for the next operation.

Employee Directory

Holding employee is the link between the ward and the surgery department. He / she provides through if the patient can come to the surgery department. In addition, the holding company employee is responsible for receiving the patient and continue preparation for surgery.

Recovery Nurse

The recovery nurse receives the patient after the operation on Recovery and monitored as the vital signs of the patient. This nurse is holding up well after surgery to monitor how the patient feels physically and mentally.