Day of surgery


On the ward or in the Surgical Day Centre you get a blue jacket operation. Jewelry, any dentures and hearing aids must out.

To the surgery department

The nurse will take you to bed, to the holding (preparation area of ​​the surgery department). Your family may walk along this far. In the holding prepares you for the surgery. Holding employee helps you on an operating table. You get a blanket, because the operating ambient temperature is deliberately low (18 to 20 degrees) to reduce the risk of infection. If you are given a local anesthetic (eg, an epidural), the anesthetist will this possibly pierce already holding.

Before going to the operating room, the cashier scans your wrist to register your name. On the basis of the safety checklist it checks again your data. It may be that in holding to wait a while before an employee of the operating room you pick.

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Who do you encounter in the operating room?

In the operating room, the anesthesia staff, the anesthesiologist, the surgical assistants, surgeons and physician assistant present. The anesthesiologist will prepare you for the anesthesia. You get a drip and is connected to the security monitor. The surgeon then checks your weather data (safety check). If you sleep or when the anesthesia has taken effect, the surgeon begins the operation or investigation. Through the surveillance monitor your breathing, blood pressure, pulse and temperature continuously monitored.

While surgery can wait your family in the division area or in the restaurant visitors. The family is informed by the ward or the Surgical Day Centre when you arrived at the Recovery.

After the operation

After the operation is responsible for the operation assistant your wound and allows the anesthetist you awake. It may be that you do not consciously experience this. The monitoring equipment is disconnected income anesthesio-lye takes you to the Recovery (recovery room) or to the ICU. If you go to the ICU, this is agreed with you in advance or during the operation decided that you need yet more surveillance.

Recovery (recovery room)

Stay on the Recoverytotdat you're awake. Here you will be reconnected to the surveillance monitor and control the nurses continue your breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. You get extra pain relief if needed. After surgery, you may be a little sick from the anesthesia or the surgery itself. If necessary, you get something for nausea.

Visiting hours on the Recovery from 19:00 to 19:30. To visit are asked to stay no longer than fifteen minutes, because patients need rest. Depending on the surgery and your situation you remain short or long time or even one night on the Recovery. The anesthetist will decide when you can return to the ward or the discharge chamber at the Surgical Day Centre.

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Back to the department

Of the ward nurse retrieves the Recovery and takes you to the department or the discharge chamber of the Surgical Day Centre.