Thrombolic disorders

Thrombosis Foundation Maastricht

[Image1: medium: right] The Thrombosis, a foundation with close ties to the University Hospital Maastricht / Maastricht UMC +, founded in 1986 and has nearly 6,000 patients whose INR (International Normalized Ratio) checked or do it yourself. We strive to be as adequate as possible dosing proposal with guidance for patients, care / home care, health care, (huis-/tand-) physicians, pharmacists and specialists. These parties are cooperative agreements made ​​and recorded in a protocol (see below in this document page). Patients who have occasional sting, for example, due to holidays, their INR value with us are welcome.

Thrombosis Foundation Maastricht has a catchment area to Bunde, Meerssen, Margraten Eijsden.

The Thrombosis is a small organization of about 15 FTEs and about 25 employees. The organization, including its own lab, since July 2012 CCKL certified. Managing Director is Prof. dr. H. Cate, assisted by medical director Dr A. Cate - Corner, team leader J. Claessens, his substitute L. Bokmans and quality officer M. Warnier. The staff is General Employee Thrombosis Services-certified.