Care after discharge

<p> The dismissal policy of the Maastricht UMC + is aimed at home to go as soon as possible to the patient. The investigating team always. Evaluate this Sometimes this means that you are not quite the old home and still need some form of professional help, such as nursing care or domestic help. The application of this aid is put in motion from the hospital. </p><p> It is important that you realize that your hospital stay is shorter than you might have thought. Your doctor will inform you as soon as possible on the date you leave the hospital. Then you can have your family timely notify your hospital discharge. Also, your doctor will be notified about your discharge date. </p><h3> Admission to a nursing clinic </h3><p> In some cases, patients may not immediately go home because extensive care is needed. Then a temporary admission to a nursing clinic or possibly in a retirement home needs. This application is also controlled from the hospital. If you live outside the Hill Country region, then your care needs reported to the organization in your area. </p><h3> Departure </h3><p> We ask you on the day you leave the hospital, no longer than is really necessary to stay in your room. Please look after that you do not forget stuff. Property of the hospital please contact the relevant department or the nurse handing. </p><p> Before your departure, there will always be a dismissal discussion with your doctor and a nurse. You can then ask questions. The doctor will also tell you what rules you must keep any home. </p><h3> Taxi / ambulance </h3><p> If you can go home, you are responsible for your transportation home. Only patients with a medical indication, issued by your doctor, to be transported by ambulance. This is controlled by the nurse of the department. </p><p> You possibly can call a taxi yourself. Check with your health insurance to see if you qualify for taxi fee! </p><h3> Back control </h3><p> At discharge is required if an audit appointment arranged for you at the clinic .. </p>