Care after discharge

Patient transfer point

<p> In Maastricht UMC +, much attention is paid to the quality of care. This includes the care needed after a hospital stay. Through good cooperation between the hospital, the Care Assessment Centre (CIZ), the various health care providers and health insurers the Transfer Point regulates the care you need after discharge from the hospital. <br /><br /> When you come home after a hospital stay, you may still nursing, personal care or some other form of aftercare required. It may also be that you need help with the housework. How to apply for this kind of help, and what you may need to do yourself, you can read here. </p><h3> What does a transfer consultant? </h3><p> Transfer point within the work transfer consultants. They have a social worker or nurse background. They ensure that the transition to home or the follow-up process goes well. The transfer counselor arranges all during your stay in hospital care you may need later. He / she will be asked by your physician and / or nurse consultation but you can also own (or your neighbor&#39;s) contact the transfer counselor. Together with you and / or your relatives will discuss the transfer counselor what you need to care. He / she consults with one or more of the following persons or bodies, and make the necessary arrangements: your specialist, general practitioner, an employee of the CIZ, home care, waiting administrators of nursing clinics, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics, the care agency and health insurers . </p><h3> What can do for you? Transfer consultant </h3><p> The transfer counselor can advise and play a role in regulating: </p><ul><li> General care: personal care and nursing care in kind </li><li> terminal care in the home </li><li> hospice and palliative ward in nursing home </li><li> day care or temporary admission to a nursing home </li><li> day treatment or rehabilitation in a nursing home </li><li> temporary admission to a rehabilitation clinic </li><li> admission to a nursing home (somatic or geriatrics) </li><li> the personal budget (PGB) </li><li> devices in the home </li><li> indication via indication Care Centre (CIZ) </li><li> mediation waiting list. </li></ul><h3> Regarding the Transfer Point can not regulate patient care? </h3><p> Transfer point the patient can not change your living situation effect. </p><h3> Household assistance </h3><p> Do you need after your hospitalization household assistance Again, you need an indication. This is provided by the municipality in which you live. You can purchase tickets at the ticket office WMO (Social Support Act) of your municipality. <br /><br /> The indication for household help, you can already apply for admission to the hospital. So you already know your record that you will soon need help with the housework, then it is advisable that you already contact in advance with your municipality. The municipality arranges a display and passes it off to the healthcare provider of your choice. It may take several weeks before the aid is actually regulated by the household. If this help is not yet covered by redundancy, this is no reason to stay in the hospital. Longer If only during your recording shows that you need help with the housework, is during recording contacted the municipality. You can do it yourself or family, friends. </p><h3> Assessment and preference of care </h3><p> Aftercare is required from the CIZ (Care Assessment Centre) an indication. The display can only be made when you are hospitalized. With the indication care may be requested by a healthcare provider. The transfer counselor will discuss with you which provider is preferred. So you can choose from any home care organization you want to be helped. For inclusion in a nursing clinic is that you can specify the location. Preferred However, it may be that you are admitted to a different location in the meantime. However, preference is respected and you will eventually be included in the location you desire. </p><h3> Own contribution </h3><p> For all these AWBZ own contribution. This is dependent on your taxable income, the care with or without a stay in a nursing clinic and the number of hours of care that you need. This contribution has been charged if you are medically refractory and in the hospital waiting for a follow-up within the EMEA care. More information can be found on the website of the CAK (Central Administration Office): <a href=""></a> . You can also call the free information number 0800-1925. For care by health insurance may be that you have to pay a personal contribution. </p><h3> How to reach us? </h3><p> Transfer counselors can be reached on working days: Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 16.00. To make an appointment and / or questions, please contact the secretariat of the patient Transfer Point, phone: 043-387 79 66 .. </p>