Surgical Day Centre

The Surgical Day Centre is a section where you can to 18:00 on weekdays from 7:30. There will be all kinds of treatments done from different specialties, such as surgery, gynecology, pediatrics and Plastic Surgery. You can on the same day of the recording of back home, once everything is in order and you are awake.

Surgical Day Centre Phone: 043-387 24 00


The care you receive in the Surgical Day Care Centre, is equal to the care a patient receives in a ward. The big difference is that almost all patients of the Surgical Day Care Centre after their treatment on the same day to go home again. A limited number of patients included one or two nights, because their particular surgery preparation and / or aftercare required. It is also possible to include the patient. For one night in the event of complications

Patients who stay longer than a day, are indeed helped the Surgical Day Care Centre, but come to lie. On a ward Usually that ward A2.

Surgery and day case area

The Surgical Day Centre consists of an operative portion and a day case. In the operative part are seven operating rooms housed. The day surgery area consists of a preparation room for five adults and a preparation room for five children. Here again the people who have to undergo surgery under general anesthetic. After surgery, the patient will stay for some time in the recovery room (this is the recovery). Next, the patient is in the post-operative room. This is a room of twelve beds for adults. The children come in a separate post-operative room five beds.

The family accompanies the patient to the lock. This is the place where the patient is placed. On the operating table As soon as the patient enters the post-operative room, the family may be present. For children, the possibility that one of the parents when the child is awake, may come. The recovery

Fasting Policy

Pain Policy

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