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Spiritual Care Service

During your hospital stay, you will handle a lot of impressions. This may call for you thoughts and feelings that you get deep into your life and beliefs. Why is this happening to me? What is worthwhile in my life? You might be confronted with major decisions. It may be that you need a partner who can support and help with the questions of life set.


In Maastricht UMC + are chaplains present on whom you can rely. They are there for all patients and their relatives, religious or not.

If you want to contact a chaplain, you can (to) call the Secretariat of the Spiritual Care Service, phone 043-387 53 38 (Internal: 75338), or report it to a nurse of your department. In crisis is always a spiritual counselor accessible - including weekends and 
'At night.

Meditation Centre, Islamic prayer room

Those who want to come to themselves, can go to the Meditation Centre. This is in the hospital at level 1 in front of the pharmacy. Here you can call night and day to be alone in silence, to pray or to stabbing at a candle. There is also a notebook where you can write something of yourself, a thought, a prayer.

Maastricht UMC + also has an Islamic prayer room. This is a specially equipped room where Islamic patients, visitors and staff can go for prayer and reflection. This space is open day and night. There are prayer mats and a Koran present. You will find the Islamic prayer room on level 1 before ward B1 (Route 9) to the left, the Jim van Os Passage. Open the door with push button. The spaces are located on the left side.

See the interactive map for location meditation center and Islamic prayer room .

Celebration or reflection meeting

  • On Sundays and holidays there in the Meditation Centre at 10.00 an ecumenical celebration or reflection meeting. Everyone is welcome, patients, family, staff or other interested parties. Regularly occur choirs. In the week letter which we send out on the wards, you will find information. The dates of the performances are also available on the Kabelkrant.
  • You can follow the celebration or reflection meeting via Maastricht UMC + TV channel 1 (free) and the home radio.
  • During the celebration on Sunday Communion / the sacrament placed on the wards. If you wish, you can also receive the weekly Communion / Lord's Supper.

More information can be found in the patient leaflet of the Spiritual Care Service .

Commemorative Meeting for parents of a deceased child

Along with the disciplines involved in the care of children, the service organizes Spiritual Care once in the year a memorial meeting for parents of a deceased child. More information is available on the special page.

Some commemorate books are not currently present in the meditation center. Are you looking for one of these books, we would ask for your contact to send employees of the DGV or mail to . 
We apologize for the inconvenience, 
Workgroup commemoration.