Infrastructure and Support


The Maastricht UMC + has a number of services and facilities available for support in the preparation and implementation of scientific research.



    Centre for Research Innovation, Support and Policy (CRISP) has been active since 2008 and has the task to create the optimal conditions and monitor to enable as within Maastricht UMC + / FHML excellent research.
    Key concepts are support, infrastructure and (policy) advice. We inform, facilitate and advise both directors and researchers.
  • CTCM
    Clinical Trial Center Maastricht (CTCM) supports since its creation in 2005, Maastricht UMC+ researchers in all aspects of clinical research. The CTCM is your counterpart in managing the entire process of project financing from private funding and financial status overview.  CTCM provides high-quality, professional services to improve clinical research. CTCM's goal is to increase the quality and effectiveness of clinical research.
    KEMTA supports,  participate, perform, and initiate quality multidisciplinary clinical epidemiological and health-technology assessment research for improvements in health care.
  • Medical Ethics Review commission azM / UM (METC)
    The medical ethics committee of the University Hospital Maastricht and Maastricht University (METC azM / UM) is a government-recognized independent medical ethics committee. It assesses medical and scientific studies with people in the sense of the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (WMO).

  • Jets Safety
  • Biological safety .






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