dr. T.J.M. Welting

Head of Laboratory for Experimental Orthopaedics

Korte omschrijving

Fundamental research

Curriculum Vitae

Tim Welting received his PhD in biochemistry in 2007 in the laboratory of Prof. Pruijn (dept. Of Biomolecular Chemistry, Radboud University Nijmegen). In 2006 he started as a post-doc at the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and in 2007 a scientific staff member at the Orthopedic Surgery department, where he now leads the Laboratory for Experimental Orthopedics. He studied the RNase MRP complex related to a severe form of dwarfism that is Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia called.

The scientific interests of Dr. Welting and his research is mainly focused on cartilage biology and molecular mechanisms that determine the cartilage phase of skeletaire development and homeostasis. In this context, several skeletaire structures are studied; including articular cartilage, growth plate and the intervertebral disc. Basic scientific findings in these areas are getransleert to human diseases such as osteoarthritis, dwarfism and bone fractures.