mw. dr. M.A. Witlox

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Korte omschrijving

Children's Orthopaedics and foot and ankle orthopedics.

Curriculum Vitae

Adhiambo Witlox was born in Kenya and grew up in the Netherlands. After obtaining her high school diploma, she studied medicine at the Free University in Amsterdam.

Training to become an orthopedic surgeon, she followed in Amsterdam and Alkmaar. Here they studied the kinderorthopaedie (Dr van der Sluijs and drs Witbreuk) and foot and ankle orthopedics (Dr. Burger). In 2005 she graduated in Gene Therapy of Osteosarcoma.

After completing her education she worked as chef de clinique in Hoorn. In 2011, she started in the MUMC +, with the focus child orthopedics and foot and ankle orthopedics. Her scientific interest is in the prosthesis of the big toe, foot problems in DM, foot pressure measurements and childhood growth plate abnormalities.