Mw. drs. M.E.T.L. Njo

Korte omschrijving

Dental maxillofacial prosthedontist Center Special Dentistry

Curriculum Vitae


2002-2008: Dentistry program
2009-2012: training Maxillofacial Prosthetics
2008-present: various courses for both the general and specialized dentistry

Work Experience

2008-2009: General practitioner at the Royal Military Schiphol, Amsterdam
2008-2012: General practitioner at Ivory & Ivory, Wormer
2009-2013: Maxillofacial prosthedontist at Foundation Special Dentistry, Amsterdam
2012-present: General practitioner to Choose Dental care, Meijel
2014-present: Maxillofacial prosthedontist at Maastricht UMC +

Focus Areas

Head and Neck Oncology
Head and Neck Trauma
Congenital disorder of tooth eruption (including Hypodontia)
Congentiale disorder of tooth structure (eg amelogenesis imperfecta)
Severe prosthetic problems