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City Poli started in Caberg

City Poli started in Caberg

From April 15, GPs can refer patients to the City Poli Maastricht West (Caberg). From mid-September can also City Poli Maastricht East (Scharn). The phenomenon of the 'city police' is a new form of care, where the patient may visit a clinic outside the walls of the hospital. Specialist It is a joint initiative of ZIO and Maastricht UMC +.

City Poli Maastricht West includes eight treatment rooms that can accommodate the specialties: dermatology (Yvo Nagtzaam), neurology (Ger Lassouw), rheumatology (Debby Fox), ophthalmology (Martin Buissink), internal medicine (Evelien Pijpers) and from May 15 even orthopedics (Mark van den Boogaart). Other medical departments will gradually take part in this initiative.
The GP first refers to this' buiten'poli, unless it is clear that a patient immediately to the hospital. City Poli has office hours on Tuesday and Thursday.

It is not a "displaced hospital" but a kind of co-viewing advice requiring the knowledge of the specialist is mainly used to determine whether the patient really needs or the GP with advice from specialist himself to continue his treatment to the hospital. The bridge clinic is responsible for the coordination and support of all these specialized surgeries. The references will be via TIPP (transmural Interactive Patiëntenplatform) expired.

City Poli is the result of a pilot project in which ZIO, the University Hospital Maastricht and Maastricht University have worked together. In this pilot study, a number of benefits emerged:
. 1 The atmosphere of the City Poli is informal and accessible: this is appreciated by the patient;
. 2 in the hospital several earlier studies conducted, this increases costs;
. 3 A large proportion of patients remaining in the first line, and ultimately does not go to the hospital; and,
4. Patients do not have to speak. Their own risk in the future *

* At this time, there will be consultation with insurers about the funding.

The research by UM, the effect of the City Poli, runs through. The researchers monitor whether the goals are en quality care, for a cheaper rate and patient satisfaction achieved.

For questions, please contact Lutgart Bastiaens (project assistant), Monique Hanrahan, Hans fiolet (Executive P & Z) and Sofie van Hoof (researcher / PhD student MUMC).
Phone secretariat RVE & Patient Care: 043-3877540. Background: The Practice, primary theme ,, meet blue care ,
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