Prof. dr. G.M.J. Bos



  • M. Myeloma
  • Preclinical and clinical research on immunotherapy
  • Medical education: vice-chair board of examinors, FHML, medical school.





After Medical School and a PhD program on immunology (both at the medical school in Maastricht) Gerard Bos started training in internal medicine in Maastricht for two years. He moved to The Hague to a non-university Hospital to obtain clinical experience outside the university system. After training for internal medicine he was trained as a Haematologist again in University and non-University hospitals. After registration as a haematologist (1995) he stayed in the Daniel den Hoed Cancer Centre for three years as clinical fellow, especially to obtain more clinical experience. Thereafter he obtained a fellowship (Clinical Research Award by the Dutch Cancer Foundation)  to perform a two year research program on tumor-immunology (Leiden, Brussels and Utrecht). He started in Maastricht 2000, as internist-haematologist. 

  • Since 2020 he is not active any more in direct clinical practice. 
  • (Pre-)clinical research has a focus on cell therapy: development of cancer vaccines and the role of natural killer cells in the fight against cancer. This included various types of donor bone marrow transplantation.
  • Two other topics of research: patient involvement in clinical care and cost-effectivity of clinical interventions. 
  • In 2013 he was appointed as professor on medical education and tumor-immunology, now focusing on tumor-immunology only.
  • Since 2005 he is CEO of CiMaas, a start-up company from MUMC+ focusing om cell therapy in cancer. 
  • Since 2020 he is chair of the board of Studium Generale (University Maastricht).
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