About Maastricht UMC+

Introduction to Maastricht UMC+

University Maastricht [UM] and University Hospital Maastricht [azM] work together under the umbrella organisation Maastricht UMC+, or Maastricht University Medical Center+. Maastricht UMC+ is the perfect partner for: health recovery, health preservation and health promotion. Quality, safety and patient focus are given the highest priority in everything we do.

Our mission & motto

Our mission is brief and to the point: to provide the best possible care and improve the health in the region through the integration of patient care, research, and education.    

Our motto Healthy living embodies the strategic vision of Maastricht UMC+ based on an exceptional approach to health and disease. We focus on prevention and integrated care and on cooperation within the chain and in the region. Our ambition is to improve the health of the population in our region and at every level.

Our coretasks

Maastricht UMC+ has three mutually reinforcing core tasks:

  • Patient care: We provide diagnostics and treatment, from basic care to topclinical and topreferral care to the most complex patients;
  • Research: We do scientific research, from fundamental to applied, that complements and contributes to the specializations within patient health care;
  • Education and Training: We train new generations of doctors and researchers.

In addition to these three core tasks, we realize that creating value from knowledge is becoming increasingly important.

Our profiles 

We concentrate on four distinct clusters that cover the entire spectrum of care and research from prevention to aftercare and from basic to clinical research – these are our profiles. They are:Ÿ

  • Brain & nerve disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Oncology
  • Respiratory disease 

Our ambition is to be of national and international importance in 2020, in these four areas.

Our specialties

In addition to the four profiles, we have three specialties:

  • Movement
  • Ophthalmology
  • Heredity, reproduction and early development (EVA)

Specialties diverge from profiles in their strong focus on patient care.

Our innovation themes

To strengthen and accelerate the development of our profiles and specialties we have defined three innovation themes:

  • Metabolism and nutrition
  • Health Care Innovation
  • Operational excellence

There is very close interaction between the innovation themes, profiles and specialties.

Our research

Our research is organized into research institutes, referred to as Schools:

  • CAPHRI – Primary health care and prevention
  • CARIM – Cardiovascular diseases
  • GROW – Oncology and developmental biology
  • MERLN – Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine
  • MHeNS – Mental healthcare and neuroscience
  • M4I – Maastricht MultiModel Molecular Imaging Institute
  • NUTRIM – Nutrition, toxicology and metabolism
  • SHE – Teacher training and educational research

The core research themes are directly linked to academic patient care. These schools work closely with the relevant Result Responsible Units (RVEs) on the patient care side of the hospital. More about our research

Our service area

Of the eight Dutch university medical centers, the Maastricht UMC+ is the only one that is both a teaching and general hospital. This enables us to quickly implement research results into our patient care and use them for care improvement and innovation. Our service area as an academic healthcare institution stretches from South Limburg to South-East Brabant.

More about Maastricht UMC+

EyeFor more information on Maastricht UMC+ please read our corporate brochure Eye on Maastricht UMC+ which offers a broader introduction to our core tasks, ambitions and profiles.


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