Frank van Rosmalen

Frank van Rosmalen works as a technical physician at the Intensive Care Unit and is currently stationed at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Medical Technology Assessment. He finished his Technical Medicine master degree from Twente University with a thesis on the automatic detection of high frequency oscillation zones in epilepsy using magnetoencephalography data, which was based on his work at the department of Clinical Neurophysiology at the University Medical Center Utrecht and the department of Magnetoencephalography of the Free University Medical Center in Amsterdam.  

After his graduation he joined the Biomedical Engineering department of Maastricht University, where he obtained a PhD with a focus on the application of signal analysis in atrial fibrillation in collaboration with the cardiology and physiology department. Being a volunteer at the Intensive Care department during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic led to his current job at the same department.

Research interest and focus

Frank is interested in data-driven healthcare and combining different data streams for answering research questions as well as to change the way care is delivered. He is involved in multiple interdepartmental research collaborations, and manages the data of the ICU COVID-19 ‘MaastrICCht’ cohort. 

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Jip Kok
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