Care after discharge

MUMC+ wants patients to return home as soon as possible. It is always up to the medical team treating the patient to decide when that is possible. That might mean that you are not entirely recovered and require some form of professional assistance once you are home, for example nursing or help with housekeeping. The hospital will start the process of requesting that assistance.
It is important to realise that your stay in hospital may be shorter than you had expected. The physician who is treating you will notify you of your discharge date as soon as possible. That way you can let your family know well in advance. The hospital will also inform your GP of your discharge date.

Admission to a nursing facility

In some cases, patients cannot return home immediately because they still require extensive care. These patients need to be admitted temporarily to a nursing facility or, in some cases, an elderly care home. The hospital also makes these arrangements. If you live outside the Heuvelland Region, then the hospital will notify the organisation in your region of your care needs.

Day of departure

We would like to ask you not to linger in your room unnecessarily on the day that you are scheduled to leave the hospital. Have a good look around so that you don't forget any of your possessions. Hospital property should be turned in to the relevant department, unit or nurse. Before you leave, you will have a discharge interview with your physician and a nurse. That is the time to ask questions. The physician will also tell you whether there are any rules that you should follow once you are home.


Once you are free to go home, you are responsible for getting yourself there. Only patients who have a medical indication issued by the attending physician will be taken home by ambulance. The nurse in the relevant department will arrange this.
You can call yourself a taxi. Don't forget to ask your medical insurer whether it will reimburse you for the taxi ride!

Return for check-up

After you are discharged, you may be scheduled to return to the Outpatient Clinic for a check-up.

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