The relationship between you and the care provider (doctors and nurses) is governed by the Dutch Medical Treatment Agreement Act [Wet op de geneeskundige behandelingsovereenkomst] (WGBO). Both you and the care provider have rights and duties under this act.

Information and permission

You have the right to receive clear information on the examination, diagnosis and treatment of your condition. The doctors will inform you about any risks associated with examination and treatment, about alternative options and about the prospects of recovery. As the patient, it is you who will ultimately decide whether to undergo a specific treatment or examination. You must make it clear if you are not giving permission for a specific treatment or examination to be performed.

You can use a written "living will" for situations in which you don't think you will be capable of deciding for yourself. If necessary, you can designate someone else to take decisions on your behalf in this eventuality. In this case, it is essential that you make this known in writing. 


You are entitled to expect the hospital to treat you with due care, respect your autonomy and belief system and regard your personal data as strictly confidential. The hospital will protect your privacy.

In line with common practice, your personal data will be held in one or more registers of personal details. Privacy regulations are in force at Maastricht UMC+. They contain provisions that give you an insight into the way Maastricht UMC+ records your medical details. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact the data protection officer on telephone number +31 (0)43-387 59 10.


As a patient, you also have duties as well as the above-mentioned rights.

  • It is essential that you provide the doctor treating you with clear and complete information so that he or she can give an accurate diagnosis and provide expert treatment.
  • Doctors and nurses rely on your complete cooperation to provide the treatment that has been agreed with you.
  • You pay the hospital bills (directly or via your health insurance).

More information on Dutch Healthcare and patients' rights

You can find more information on Dutch healthcare and patients' rights on the (English language) website of the Dutch Government


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