Maastricht UMC + is a university medical center and therefore it has three key functions:

  • patient care
  • education and training
  • scientific research

In addition to standard patient care, top clinical care and tertiary referral care are an important task of a university medical center,.

Specialized care

In addition to the standard patient care we provide highly specialized care for patients with disseases that are rare and/or difficult to treat and/or difficult to diagnose. Specialized care is expensive. Therefore, the government has alloted special budgets to the eight Dutch university medical centers (UMCs) of which Maastricht UMC+ is one. This way, the UMCs can ensure that patients with complicated disseases always receive the right care they need. Now, but also in the future. 

Clinical care

Maastricht UMC + provides top clinical care. Therefore we have special services that are only available in a hospital that has acquired permission of the Minister of Public Health, through the Special Medical Procedures Act.

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