The Obstetrics Department is divided into the maternity ward and the delivery unit. The maternity ward nursing staff look after women who are pregnant, new mothers and healthy newborns. The Obstetrics Department (D2) is on level 2. If you are coming from the multi-storey car park, take the first lift on the left in the Serrehal.
The department has five one-bed rooms, six two-bed rooms and one infant room. The delivery unit has one maternity suite, two examination rooms, three 'contraction rooms' and four delivery rooms.

The Obstetrics Department is staffed by gynaecologists, gynaecologists in training, nurses, student nurses, lactation specialists, student obstetricians/midwives and two secretaries. We also have a nurse practitioner to provide specific guidance in the event of preeclampsia.

If you plan to give birth at MUMC+

When should you contact the hospital?

  • When you have had contractions every 15 minutes for more than an hour
  • When your water has broken
  • If you experience vaginal bleeding
  • If the foetus becomes much less active or you feel no activity at all
  • If you are worried

Our telephone number is +31 (0)43-387 62 40. This is the direct number for the delivery unit. You can also call the hospital's general number, +31 (0)43-387 65 43, and have the switchboard put you through to the delivery unit. The first time you call, the nurse will ask you some general questions.

What should you take to the hospital?

  • Your patient ID card (the ponsplaatje)
  • Your obstetrics card (does not apply if you are under the gynaecologist's care)
  • Clothes for yourself and your newborn
  • A Maxi-Cosi carrier or another safe means of transport for your infant
  • Toiletries

On your arrival, the nurse will first do a cardiotocography test (CTG) to check the foetus's heart rate and your contractions. The nurse will also take your blood pressure and temperature and go through a short checklist with you. You will then see the attending junior doctor.

During dilation, you will be in one of the 'contraction rooms'. Childbirth itself will take place in the delivery room. After delivery, the medical staff will decide whether you can go home. This depends on your medical condition and the condition of your child.

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