Meal service during your hospital stay

Good nutrition can help patients recover faster and that is why the hospital's food service staff pay close attention to meals. Every day, you can choose from a menu. The food assistant will offer you coffee, tea or other beverages at fixed times throughout the day. You may eat food that visitors bring you, although subject to specific rules. We advise you to follow your doctors' dietary advice, however.

  • 8 a.m.: breakfast
  • noon: lunch (sandwich)
  •  5 p.m.: dinner (hot meal)

If you are admitted to a hospital ward, your visitors can order a meal for themselves from one of the food assistants and pay for it straight away. They can pay with a debit card or with a voucher that you have received from the nursing staff.

Discount card to visitors' restaurant for informal caregivers

Informal caregivers are an important source of support for patients. They often come to the hospital several times a day for days on end to help the patient. That is why we have made arrangements with Ad Mosam, our visitors' restaurant, on their behalf. Patients who are in our care at least two weeks can ask the nursing staff on the ward for a discount card for their caregiver.
The discount card, which is meant especially for caregivers, is valid for two persons. It allows them to order the restaurant's dish of the day and a beverage for the reduced price of EUR 7.50, or gives them a 20% discount on items ordered from the regular menu.

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