Your patient record is available to your GP in digital form

To improve the transfer of medical information between GPs* and consultants, Maastricht UMC+ has joined forces with regional GPs to develop a "GP Portal" ("Huisartsenportal"). This has many advantages for patients.

Rapid data exchange via the internet

GPs in the Maastricht-Heuvelland region are currently using the Maastricht UMC+ GP Portal. This is an internet service that makes it possible to exchange specific patient records quickly between the hospital, consultants and GPs. This portal replaces the old system previously used by GPs to view patient records. Duty doctors at GP surgeries also access these patient records in this way. This also applies to doctors working at out-of-hours GP services.

What kind of records does this involve?

All your records are stored electronically in the Maastricht UMC+ administration and registration systems. Medical records that can be accessed by your GP include:
Correspondence with the consultantLab reports of blood or urine testsECGs (heartbeat recordings)X-ray resultsSummaries of treatments agreed in the hospitalSummaries of admissions and discharges.


Because your GP can access your patient records at any time via the Portal, he or she can follow and monitor the progress of your treatment even more closely. In this way, examinations and treatments can be better coordinated. Errors resulting from disrupted data transfer are reduced as both the consultant and the GP are viewing the same records and the information is transferred more quickly.

Privacy and security

Information on patients can only be viewed in the GP Portal by your own GP and the duty doctor. To access your records, your GP is given a strictly personal login code and a password. This allows the hospital to record who is consulting which records and when, enabling it to detect any unauthorised use of patient records. Doctors and all hospital staff are in any case legally obliged to maintain confidentiality with regard to your personal data and patient records. Viewing them is therefore strictly confidential. The hospital applies the rules laid down in this regard in the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act [Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens] (WBP).

Not an electronic patient record

The Maastricht hospital's GP Portal is not an electronic patient record (EPR). It is a secure link for exchanging specific information on a single patient between the hospital and the GP.

Lodging an objection

As a patient, you are entitled to make an objection to your GP viewing your records by arranging to have your records blocked. However, you should bear in mind that if you make an objection to your records being viewed, your GP and duty doctors will not be able to respond so quickly to your health situation. This can be particularly important in emergency situations. You should therefore always discuss blocking your data with your consultant and your GP first.

To lodge your objection to your medical records being viewed, please complete the Objection Form for Access to the azM/Maastricht UMC+ GP Portal. Unfortunately, this form can't be downloaded at the present time. You should therefore submit your objection in writing, sign it and send it, with a copy of your valid identity document, by post to:

Maastricht UMC+
Diagnostic Centre
Attn. Mr P. Reinders
P.O. Box 5800
NL-6202 AZ Maastricht

On receipt of your objection, access to your records will be blocked to your GP and duty doctor and you and your GP will receive a letter of confirmation. The block will remain in force until you cancel it by submitting a cancellation request. You can submit it by completing the same form. The block will be maintained even if you change over to another GP.

Lodging an objection on behalf of the patient

You can also lodge an objection if you are the patient's partner or a family member. If you are entering the information on behalf of the patient, you must also send a copy of your valid identity document with it. If you are acting as a lawful representative (guardian, trustee or mentor) or legal representative, you must also submit written evidence to this effect.


If you have any questions about the GP Portal or the objection form, please contact the Diagnostic Centre at Maastricht UMC+: e-mail: / telephone: +31 (0)43-387 5385.

* This also applies to authorised geriatricians directly treating the patient.

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