Submitting a complaint

We consider it vital that you as a patient are satisfied with your treatment and care. If you are nevertheless dissatisfied, please let us know. The Maastricht UMC+ complaints procedure offers you the possibility to arrive at a solution. Moreover, by submitting your complaint, you are helping us to improve our services.

You can notify us of your complaint in the following ways:

  • by notifying the staff at the place where your complaint has its origins:
    If something has gone wrong, this usually results in questions or dissatisfaction to which you will want to have an answer as soon as possible. It is often best to discuss it with those involved or the person responsible. They will be pleased to listen to you and to answer your questions and/or comment on your dissatisfaction.
  • by referring to the Patient Information Officer or the Patient Information Centre:
    If you would prefer to speak to someone other than those directly involved about your complaint, you can discuss your complaint with the Patient Information Officers. See more
  • by referring to the Complaints Official:
    If you wish to be assisted, guided, informed, advised and supported regarding your complaint and the possibilities open to you, you can contact the complaints official. See more
  • by referring to the Complaints Committee:
    If you would like a decision regarding the validity of your complaint or if the above possibilities have not led to the result desired by you, you can submit a written complaint to the Maastricht UMC+ Complaints Committee. See more
  • by submitting a liability and/or damage claim:
    If you believe that damage has been caused by the actions of Maastricht UMC+ staff, you may hold the Maastricht UMC+ liable for that damage. If damage to property is involved, e.g. damaged or lost items, the Maastricht UMC+ third-party insurance may be applicable. See more
  • by referring to the Hospital Disputes Committee (Geschillencommissie Ziekenhuizen):
    If your complaint or claim has not been dealt with to your satisfaction, you can request a decision from the Hospital Disputes Committee. Only in very special cases can you approach the Disputes Committee directly. See more


Maastricht UMC+ complaints procedure

Maastricht UMC+ has a complaints procedure that complies with the Dutch Healthcare Quality, Disputes and Complaints Act (Wkkgz). The Maastricht UMC+ complaints procedure is only available in Dutch.

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